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Robin Avery

A mixture of hope and skepticism often accompanies seeing a new therapist. You wonder if this therapist can help bring an end to your suffering and confusion. You ask yourself if you will get the clarity you are searching for, closure to the grief you are experiencing, or find purpose and meaning in the life you are living.


Dr. Robin Avery brings to your sessions her unique wisdom, a blending of training in evidenced-based psychotherapy with over 30 Years of combined professional and personal experience to help you through your journey of self-discovery and healing. She helps you walk through the barriers of fear that prevent you from exploring your inner world and living a more liberated, balanced life.


She walks alongside you and is a caring, strong support as you uncover your seeds of suffering. She teaches you skills to help you cope with what cannot be changed, and offers new ways to perceive and experience yourself and your reality that can be a wellspring of growth, positivity, and personal life enhancement.


Treating the whole person, Dr. Avery places value on the lessons learned from all of life’s experiences.  In addition to psychology, her wisdom draws from the gifts of the natural world, the cultural and performing arts, mindfulness, and her belief in empowering people to find their own unique gifts, talents, and wisdom to create more meaningful connections and purposeful living.

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Dr. Avery specializes in individual psychotherapy working with adults across the adult lifespan. Whether you are struggling with stress-related issues at home, work, or with relationships in general, feelings of loss and grief, caregiver fatigue, or feelings related to change and life-transitions, Dr. Avery utilizes evidenced based approaches including CBT, ACT, mindfulness, and insight-oriented psychotherapies to help you increase self awareness, experience your own inner wisdom and clarity, and create a foundation for  successful coping and handling life's uncertainties, healing, and greater life satisfaction.

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Robin A. Avery, Ph.D.


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